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Welcome to Homes by NPHS, LLC, where innovative home solutions meet modern standards. Our stylish, eco-friendly homes and ADUs are designed to exceed your expectations. Whether you’re a developer or planning your next homeownership or ADU project, our team is here to help you bring your vision to life. Connect with us today to discover the perfect home solution for you!

Why Factory-Built?

By opening channels to factory-built housing and supporting local affordable housing and revitalization efforts by placing new homes and replacing dilapidated units faster and at a lower development cost. And by harnessing the many benefits of factory-built technology, Homes by NPHS LLC holistically supplies affordable, highly energy-efficient, and climate-resilient and adaptive single-family homes and ADUs for various customers.

ADU Solutions for Multifamily Property Owners

If you own a multifamily property in California, you can significantly increase its value by adding up to two Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). Depending on the number of existing units in your building, you could construct several new detached ADUs on your property.

Faster Development Times

Homes are built in controlled environments which allows for controlled costs – which means a more affordable price, no weather delays in construction, and shorter construction times.

Less Upfront Development Costs

Homes by NPHS’ facilities can build homes in a much faster and more cost-effective way than traditional home builders

Climate Resilient Homes

Homes by NPHS’ homes are built to the highest of climate resilient standards, with the homes complying to Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) standards as well.

Become a development partner today to gain access to our factory-built homes and ADUs.


Phase 1 Infill Homes

1,438 Sq ft. Factory-built single-family homes (3) located in the City of San Bernardino, CA.

Phase 2 Infill Homes

1,547 Sq Ft. Factory-built single-family homes (3) located in the City of San Bernardino, CA.

Demonstration Project

In progress factory-built single-family and ADU development in the City of San Bernardino, CA.

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