Manufactured Housing Developer Toolkit

A multi-family property owner can build up to two freestanding ADUs on their lot if the required setback, square footage, and height limits are met. These units are similar in look and feel to detached ADUs on single-family lots but can be designed to match your property’s aesthetic.

Integrating ADUs into a multifamily setting is not as simple as just breaking ground. The critical first step is a comprehensive Feasibility Study that helps you make informed decisions based on data and assessments. This study includes crucial elements like site inspections, a list of viable options, identification of potential obstacles, and ballpark financial figures for various recommendations. It’s about ensuring you embark on this venture with a complete understanding of the landscape, sidestepping unforeseen issues, and avoiding unnecessary expenses.

At Homes by NPHS LLC, we offer factory-built ADUs, and our end-to-end service guides you from the initial concept through the placement of your ADUs. A Feasibility Study is the starting point for each project, providing an on-site inspection by an International Code Council Certified Combination Inspector and a detailed report covering zoning laws, permit history, site-specific building challenges, and financial viability.

For projects that pass the feasibility check, our in-house Project Manager will work closely with you to design an ADU that aligns with your vision and budget. We oversee every detail, including ushering the project through the offsite construction process to ensure smooth completion.

Contact us today to explore how we can assist you in successfully integrating ADUs into your multifamily property and unlocking its full potential.

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